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Sapai Jao Episode 17 Full HD

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Sapai Jao Episode 17 Drama cool Full HD raw has been Released.


M.R.Kittirajnarin or Chai Rong aka Khunchai Rong was supposed to get into an arranged marriage with Srijittra, the older daughter of Rachadamri family. He hesitated because he’s alreary been in love with Ying Koy aka Khunying Koy but his family refused to let him marry a divorced woman. Srijittra is an obedient daughter so she agrees easily and preparing to be a royal in-law by learning manner stuffs at Pra-ek’s palace. Chai Rong completely ignores Srijittra so she feels really sad and instead she feels more comfortable with the funny M.R.Bodintararajsongpol or Chai Lek. One day, Srijittra’s younger sister, Salin, went to visit her sister at Pra-ek’s palace and found Chai Rong and his lover Ying Koy exchange kisses… Salin then tries to find a way to help her sister from the unwanted marriage….. There’ll be twisted stories that make Salin and Chai Rong become close to each other and finally fall in love

Country: Thailand
Status: Completed
Released: 0
Genre: Comedy Drama Romance

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